Maxima Aquafun Summer Getaway! (June 02, 2010)

Share ko lang ang amuang laag2 last summer sa Island Garden City of Samal’s Maxima Aquafun.


MAXIMA AQUAFUN “Home of Abyss” The giant water slide. Located at San Jose Wall, Samal.

At MAXIMA, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing. Also an ideal jump off site for island hopping. Nearby is the San Jose Wall & Cave, a perfect spot to go diving, ideal for beginners and professional divers. You may also want to take a refreshing freshwater dip on one of Samal’s hidden treasure by taking a leisurely hike to haguimit falls, a stone’s throw away from the beach house.

MAXIMA is best for social functions like small group corporate meetings, private parties, and other special occasions.(

Our photos:
Maxima Aquafun’s Canopy Walk 





ai bai bai

bb uy

rai, april, yesa and me





Maxima Aquafun’s trampoline
naa sa tunga tunga ni. 😀

unsa pa inyong gihulat? laag na! 😀


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