Salamat Karajaw, SURIGAO (Part III)

Salamat Karajaw, SURIGAO (Part III)

On our second day at Surigao, we had our island hopping @ BRITANIA ISLETS (consists of 24 island and islet, I think). We had stopped over at four of their best islands, namely the Hagonoy, Naked Island (all sand, no trees), Hiyor-hiyoran (full of trees and seaweeds :D), and for our final stop were we had our lunch, the Boslon Island (had it’s islets, too).

@ Naked Island, so love the sand

@ Hiyor-hiyoran Island

@ Hiyor-hiyoran



and clouds! ü

last stop, hello Boslon Island! 🙂

so ready for an island hoppin!

@ Hagonoy Island

@ Naked Island

the after effect 😀 worth it!

Salamat Karajaw, SURIGAO (Part II)

Salamat Karajaw, SURIGAO (Part II)

@ Hinatuan, Enchanted River ( and side trip 😀 )

After Tinuy-an Falls, we’d immediately went to Enchanted River in order for us to catch the fish feeding time! ü

a road less travelled 😀

jump shot!

britania islets backdrop

fish feeding time (every 12 noon, there’s a music that will be played and all fishes are gathering at the center of the enchanted river!)

woaah fishes!

with Julie and Lyn

with Julie and Lyn

hmmm crabs!

hey mr. crabs, where’s spongebob? 😀

more crabs!