Living the New Zealand Dream

Weew! After how many months of not updating, even visiting my blog (LOL), now I am trying my best to revive it. Haha!

It has been a loooong and winding road for how many months, years actually.

There were so many things happened, and one of the best things was my ultimate dream – going abroad!

And guess what?

Yes, you are right, New Zealand! Haha. Obvious tho.

Anyway, so much dramas, I would just like to update my blog and will post my NZ adventure. See ya!

Sagittarius Horoscope for 2013

I just wanna share my horoscope (just a guide though, hahaha) I’ve read on
this SITE for the year 2013.
Many thanks to
Just visit their site so you’ll know your horoscope too. 😉

Sagittarius Horoscope 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope 2013
It is the sign of the lord of dual behavior possessing planet, Jupiter. Therefore, you could be formal or even conventional at some instances. You could be a believer of traditional views. Sometimes, you also become quite anxious as well as restless. You are honest and a believer of God, but you hates hypocrisy or sham. Additionally, you are a humanitarian and sometimes impulsive too. However, you could be lazy or slug to some extent. Though, you find keen interest in philosophy as well as occult sciences. You are a lover and gives sympathy to the people.

Family 2013 Horoscope

In terms of family matters, this year looks good. Due to the unfavorable transit of Jupiter, initial months of the year might come stressful. You might get tensed for the health of any of your family members. However, you might get good news from a close relative. Family disputes will be over and behavior of your family members will become good for you. Possibilities of some religious activity to happen at your place are on chart. Friends and supporters will come out quite helpful.

Health 2013 Horoscope

Your health might suffer in the beginning of the year. A decrement could be felt in your physical strength. Some useless journeys might make you feel tired. Stomach related issues might make you worried; they can be controlled by keeping an eye over your eating habits. However, the next half of the year looks favorable. Your health will be fine this time, but you might get issues from ear related ailments. Some of your family members might fall ill.

Love 2013 Horoscope

First half of the year is not much favorable for love matters. Your stubbornness might disturb your relationship. You need act smart to stay safe in love matters. Additionally, you need to take care of the reputation of your lover and yourself. However, second half of the year will give you favorable results. You will have fun with your spouse. Possibilities of marriage or engagement will strengthen for the ones who have attained the age of marriage. Love will blossom. This year is quite fruitful for married people too.

Workplace 2013 Horoscope

Unfavorable transit of Jupiter in the initial days will give you a hard time for small things too. You will have to work harder to gain results. Situation of your job will go worse but you will have a control over them soon. You will also initiate some new work. Friends and relatives will come out quite helpful. During this period you should gain good profits from the business front. You will come in contact with some important people. A good hike in income is clear on your chart. However, you will have to avoid your intentions of doing multi-tasking. In addition, you are advised to do your work patiently.

Money 2013 Horoscope

This year has brought you happiness in terms of money as well as financial matters. If you put fewer efforts too with believe, money troubles won’t come your way. However, you might have to work harder for money in the initial days of the year, but all your desires and expectations will be fulfilled. There are strong possibilities of a hike in income. You will also earn good via trade and business. However, you will have to stay alert while investing big.

Education 2013 Horoscope

Initial months of the year are not favorable for the students. Expected success might not turn your way in competitive exams. Therefore, there should be no leniency made, but second part of the year might get you some special success. If you are planning to learn some language, then this time is quite favorable. While taking admission to some special course, you might have to pay some heavy donation. You might have ot study far, even if you don’t want to.


  • Avoid liquor and keep your moral character fine.
  • Donate at shrines and temples with consistency.
  • Donate milk and sugar
  • Give sweet bread to a dog, but the dog should be stray.
  • Chant the Jupiter spell “Om gram grim graum sah gurvey namah!”