Living the New Zealand Dream

Weew! After how many months of not updating, even visiting my blog (LOL), now I am trying my best to revive it. Haha!

It has been a loooong and winding road for how many months, years actually.

There were so many things happened, and one of the best things was my ultimate dream – going abroad!

And guess what?

Yes, you are right, New Zealand! Haha. Obvious tho.

Anyway, so much dramas, I would just like to update my blog and will post my NZ adventure. See ya!

HB1 Foamy Fun Run

The first ever Foam Fun Run in Davao City, hosted by HB1 happened last July 27, 2014. 
It was my first ever 10K run. Woooooot! Congrats to me. 
My time target was an hour and half, and I made it for 1:27:42!
 It was very tiring but fun-filled and fulfilling day! 
And lastly, I’ve got the chance to have a #twofie with The Legendary barefoot runner, Sir Manuel “Manong Maning” Vismanos!
Congratulations for the success to HB1 Team! 
Thank you Lord for my strength!
I have finished!
The Legendary Nong Maning

yeah 10k we ran!

with runningmates Janeth, Julie, Rai, Sarah, Yessa and Lyn